About Us

We are the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee, an organization of the homeless and their supporters. Through negotiation or Direct Action, WE FIGHT to make the lives of the homeless better. WE FIGHT to insure the dignity of those who are homeless. WE FIGHT to put a permanent roof over the heads of those who are homeless. WE FIGHT to end the unending crisis of homelessness. JOIN US!


  1. Adam Minsky

    I would be happy to help out with your cookout on July 3. I was wondering if it would be okay to attend your meeting on Sunday (I would have to arrive about 30 minutes late). I greatly appreciate the work you are doing and would like to become more involved.
    Best wishes,


    • Don’t worry about being late. Try and make it Adam.


  2. I met someone from your group at an encuentro organizing meeting this past saturday and would like to follow up and see how Project Place can collaborate and support one another’s efforts. Please contact me at jschur@projectplace.org


  3. jesse Maxwell@gmail.com whats up my friends don”t count me out I been following as best I could financially trying to get it together as well as physically and mentally and get housing giving me stability in my life will see you soon lost my phone my new phone number is 617-905-5252 or text me I lost all contact numbers that’s why no one heard from me love and miss the help and support the committee gave me text or call me with new contact numbers asap please will see you very soon tell everyone I said hi and will talk to them or see them soon your friend and fellow member Jesse Maxwell

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    • Just got the message Jesse. Will email and call you.


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