Gown to Town: Drop Dead! Wednesday March/Rally Over Death of the Fenway.


RIP Boston Neighborhoods

For decades, the institutional expansion of Boston’s colleges and hospitals has greatly decreased the city’s available housing making it that much more expensive for residents to find an affordable place to live. The end result? Displacement and often homelessness! Here is a recent and reprehensible example.

They Did WHAT?!

In the Summer of 2014, Berklee College of Music and the Christian Science Church made a secret deal to create de facto, and arguably illegal, dorms in church owned apartments on Clearway St. With just a months notice they displaced 100 longtime Bostonians from their reasonably priced, two-bedroom apartments to make room for Berklee students.

Needless to say this has angered a lot of residents in the Fenway and throughout the city. Join us Wednesday, to ensure that the Clearway St. units be again made available to city residents, not student interlopers, AND that other institutions don’t try and do the same in YOUR neighborhood. Come march with the Fenway community, residents from all over Boston, and members of the Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee to protest resident displacement & the death of community at the hands of the mighty and powerful! Do so before there is no Boston left to save.




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