This Thursday: March of the Homeless. Join Us!

March of the Homeless FlyerWho: The homeless, the formerly homeless, and their supporters.

WhereBoston Health Care for the Homeless Program (Woods Mullins Shelter, corner of Mass Ave and Albany St.) and Boston Common by the State House.

When: Thursday, April 23, 9:45 AM at Albany St. and Mass Ave., Noon at the State House (approximate).

What: Homeless March and Rally for Dignity, Respect, and Ending to Homelessness and Opioid Drug Crisis. Demand action by the state. Housing not Warehousing! Housing is a right!

Demand immediate adequate, sanitary housing for the homeless as well as restoration of recovery and detox services lost since the Long Island Bridge Disaster of October 8th…a crisis of neglect that should have been foreseen that resulted in evacuation of the Long Island Shelter with 4 hrs notice.

Rally and march to demonstrate the need for full restoration of programs in the past six months! Rally and march to demand an end to the crisis of homelessness!

Join the organized homeless community and supporters to raise an outcry for immediate remedies.

No more overdose and homelessness deaths! Housing first now!

Facebook event page.


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